Latest Media Release of the conference

In association with the ANZSEE 2019 ecological economics conference, The Conversation has posted a series of articles written by some of our keynote speakers.

Other Conference News Items:
  • Our keynote speaker David Spratt from Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration (Melbourne) has just been published in Energiewende Magazin arguing for a reframing of climate research and the IPCC reports — to take account of risk — access the translated interview and the associated Breakthrough report.
  • Climate activist Harriet O’Shae Carre will speak at the ANZSEE 2019 conference. More on Harriet in this ABC 7.30 Report story
  • One of our ANZSEE 2019 conference keynote speakers, Ian Lowe, and conference organisers, Haydn Washington have co-authored (with Helen Kopnina) an article just published in the Journal of Futures Studies. Read it to whet your appetite for the 24–26 November events: ‘Why Do Society and Academia Ignore the ‘Scientists Warning to Humanity’ on population?’  – challenges the taboo on talking about overpopulation.