Ecological Economics: Theory and Practice for the New Age of Uncertainty

Deadline for abstract has now been extended to 17th February 2023.

We invite abstracts for contributors of papers to the 2023 ANZSEE – EcoSummit conference with the following indicative topics:

  • Ecological economics
    Exploration and examples of how trans-disciplinary methods and analysis (the essence of ecological economics) can help address current ecological, economic and social challenges
  • The population growth dilemma
    Environmental, social, economic and planning dimensions of increased populations (in Australia and overseas)
  • Sustainable urban, rural and regional futures
    Ecologically economic human settlements – regional areas and especially the human-nature interface for coastal and marine ecosystems
    (including adjacent terrestrial ecosystems and all habitats associated with those ecosystems)
  • Ecological limits and planetary boundaries
    Economic and ecological thinking in light of limited resources on our own planet.
    Ecosystem goods and services and ecological-economic valuation; ecological and environmental accounting.
  • Ecological ethics and worldviews and intrinsic value/s of nature
    Eco-centrism – eco-democracy – ecological justice.
  • First Nations and Indigenous economies
    First Nations economics – decolonising ecological economies; indigenous entrepreneurship; innovative case studies from indigenous communities.
  • Transformative technologies in a resource-constrained world
    Appropriate technologies for, and threats to, ecologically-balanced human societies.
  • Embedding ecological economics into education systems
    Key ecological economics concepts and approaches – case studies, proposals and existing practices.
  • Other topics consistent with the integrated multiple disciplinary perspectives of ecological economics.

Your proposed abstract (250-word limit) is to be submitted by using the form provided via this link.  Please create an account to submit your abstract.

Please include a short title and up to four keywords for your contribution.

We expect the selection process to be finalised by March, 2023