A book resulting from the Conference, edited by Haydn Washington and entitled Ecological Economics: Solutions for the Future was published in 2020 with a free electronic version is available here. A number of presenters to the conference including executives on the board of ANZSEE have contributed chapters to the book. The book provides a great set of solutions for a better world and ANZSEE recommends the book as essential reading

The Kindle format of the book can be purchased from Amazon.com through here for $1

The paperback version can also be purchased for $10 but shipment to Australia has not recommenced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blog posts of the conference presentations can now be accessed here.

24–26 November 2019, RMIT University, Melbourne

The ANZSEE 2019 conference explored appropriate approaches and techniques for re-balancing the human–nature interactions that are central to the study and practice of ecological economics — solutions now and in the future.  Escalating impacts of climate change and ecological crises have created an urgency to address significant local to global environmental and social problems — degrading forests and agricultural land, polluted waterways and oceans, and dislocated social and cultural systems.

Details of main speakers and conference program news can be accessed here.

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