April 2023 Webinar

Janne Prinsen’s powerpoint presentation can be accessed here, and her thesis here

The recording of the presentation and discussion can be accessed via Google Doc

Presenter: Janne Mercedes Prinsen – recently completed a Master in International Environmental Studies (MSc) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås.  Her Master thesis was based on a combination of ecological economics education and degrowth, incorporating her previous experience as a teacher.  Prior to Norway, she did interdisciplinary studies at the University of Utrecht in her home country in the Netherlands.  Janne has pursued sustainability both throughout her personal and academic life.  She worked as a trainee for the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE) and was part of the local organizing committee for the ESEE conference in Pisa. Janne is passionate about alternative ways of living and is engaged with Foodsharing in the eco-collective where she now lives.

Abstract: Ecological Economics in Higher Education: A study on the state of the art of ecological economics education: challenges and opportunities for its development

This presentation assesses the state of the art of ecological economics education, outlines the core concepts, theories, and methods taught in the field.  It discusses the elements that are considered most relevant for a full degree, and classifies the challenges and opportunities for future development of ecological economics education.

The importance of reforming education in economics to tackle society’s social and ecological problems is increasingly emphasized. Ecological economics present reforming alternatives to the current dominant paradigm, both in economics and in education.

Janne will illustrate some of the most important challenges based on her multi-method approach review of ecological economic courses.