themes bannerANZSEE are excited to announce the following themes for the 2015 Conference:

  1. Place-based perspectives on sustainability and transformation
    1. Spatial analysis of economic and ecological systems
    2. Geography of transformation
    3. Regional insights (including rural, remote, coastal, small island states)
    4. Teaching and learning for sustainability transformation
    5. Ecosystem services and transformed adaptation: Frontiers in theory and practice (science, valuation, methods, case studies etc)
    6. Growth, economic development, and transformation
  2. Institutions for resilience and transformation
    1. Building resilient and sustainable industries; highlighting agriculture
    2. Climate change and adaptation
    3. Disaster Management (including Recovery, Community Resilience, Risk Management and Local Government Initiatives)
    4. Environmental governance including water, energy, protected areas, etc.
    5. Stewardship of the Commons and management of markets
    6. Water – energy – food nexus
  3. Economics of equity and distribution in transformation
    1. Enduring regional, remote, and urban communities including the role of mining
    2. Supply and value chain analysis
    3. Secure global to local transformation: climate, invasive species, migration, peace and terrorism etc.
    4. Coastal resilience and adaptation
    5. Transforming global policy post Millennium Development Goals
    6. Power and politics of change
  4. Making the marginal mainstream: expanding horizons
    1. Environmental Justice and economic development
    2. Special Session on Indigenous Wellbeing: Local to Global (via Ninti One Ltd)
    3. Special Session on Wilderness (via UNE Environmental Humanities Network)
    4. Insights from the environmental humanities
    5. Insights from ecological psychology/sociology
    6. Tensions between science knowledge systems

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