Abstract submissions are now closed. All submissions will be peer reviewed and successful abstracts will start to be notified early September.

The ANZSEE 2013 Conference addresses the big issues faced by our society and the need to look for solutions now, in the critical decade. The conference themes are:

  • Water, food and energy security in warmer, more crowded, and (possibly) wealthier world
  • Integrated methods for understanding and promoting regional resilience and transformation
  • Governance for 21st century challenges – how can we enhance well-being within planetary boundaries?

The conference program will be structured according to three presentation types:

1. Paper presentation:
Parallel sessions of contributed papers will be held. Each session will group papers by theme and topic, presentations will be 10-15min and questions will follow.

2. Working Group:
These provide a collaboration opportunity focused on a specific goal or question but are intended to be more dynamic and interactive than Sessions.  Each working group will be scheduled for 90 minutes. They should seek to include diverse perspectives and involve less than 30 minutes of structured input, to maximize the opportunities for interaction

3. Propose a session:
Sessions involve a structured program of presentations, papers and panel discussion of a topic or question.  The speakers are invited by the Chair, who also has the option to invite participants on the basis of their contributed abstracts.  Sessions will generally be scheduled for 90 minutes.

Conference Proceedings

All forms of contribution are eligible to submit a paper for inclusion to the peer-reviewed edited conference proceedings. Full papers are due 16 December 2013 and published online in early 2014.

For more information, please visit www.anzsee.org or contact the conference organizer via e-mail anzsee2013@gmail.com or phone 61 2 6281 6624.