Each day of the conference will have its own particular theme.

Conference themes:

  • Water, food and energy security in a warmer more crowded world
  • Integrated methods for understanding and promoting regional resilience and transformation
  • Governance for 21st century challenges – how can we enhance well-being within planetary boundaries?

Whilst all contributions to the conference will fall under a theme, to further target the conference all contributions will additionally align to relevant conference topics.


[A]       Measuring and Managing

A1         Concepts and measures for measuring and assessing growth and development

A2         Environmental pressure, energy use, and industrial metabolism

A3         Wellbeing and happiness

A4         Sustainable consumption and lifestyles

[B]       Social and Political Dimensions

B1         Global pressures, connectivity and governance

B2         Politics, power and justice

B3         Indigenous culture and peoples (of Australia, New Zealand and our wider region)

B4         Institutions and adaptive governance

B5         Citizen engagement, attitudes, and social media

B6         Community based resource management

[C]       Policy Issues and Applications in Ecological Economics

C1         Living within local and planetary boundaries

C2         Climate change, emissions trajectories, vulnerability and adaptation

C3         Securing ecosystem services, biodiversity and healthy landscapes

C4         Addressing poverty and disadvantage

C5         Water governance and values

C6         Food security and agriculture

C7         Pollution, waste and health

C8         Informing public policy and transforming social choices

[D]      Challenges and Frontiers in Methods

D1        Integrated approaches to understanding social, economic and ecological systems

D2        Understanding and governing complex non-linear systems

D3        Values, evaluation and decision support

D4        Incentives, choices and behaviour – beyond homo economicus

D5        Insights from sociology, anthropology and psychology

D6        Ethics, philosophy and lessons from history