John Gemmill is CEO of the Clean Ocean Foundation, and sees his role as an honest broker to environmental, community, and governmental organisations through work creating the National Outfall Database. He sees an exciting opportunity to enhance Australia’s water security, and reduce ocean pollution, by the adoption of water smart (recycling) technology coupled with rigorous transparency, evidenced-based decision making, and community involvement.

Boyd Blackwell holds a PhD from the University of Queensland on the economics of coastal foreshore management and is the President of the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (ANZSEE). He joined the Australian Maritime College in 2006 to help develop a national centre for coastal conservation on the Mornington Peninsula. During this time, he forged a strong research connection with the Clean Ocean Foundation, supporting their initiatives for an upgrade to the Boags Rock outfall at Gunnamatta beach. He did this by initiating student field trips to the site and partnering on the initiation of the National Outfall Database.