Deadline for new and revised submissions: March 1, 2021

Contact: secretariat@ISEE-ESEE-degrowth2021.net  NOW if you are interested

Building Alternative Livelihoods

in times of ecological and political crisis

5th – 8th July 2021

Given the continuing pandemic the joint conference between the international degrowth research networks and the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), together with the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE), will now be a virtual conference.  It will take place 5-8 July hosted by the University of Manchester, UK. This conference will build on the experience of the joint colloquium of September 2020 to bring together academics from the Degrowth and Ecological Economics communities, voices from the Global North and Global South, civil society actors, activists, artists and policy-makers. It aims to break down silos and stimulate dialogues between and within different perspectives, disciplines and social movements.

Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of political and ecological crisis will remain the overarching theme of the conference but given the significance of the pandemic for the themes of the conference, we are also inviting new contributions under an additional subtheme. See Call for Papers for full list of themes.

Conference website: https://ISEE-ESEE-Degrowth2021.net