Solis Norton is a member of Wise Response, a broad coalition of academics, engineers, lawyers, artists, sportspeople etc who are calling on New Zealand’s Parliament to comprehensively assess imminent risks to New Zealand and to draw up plans to deal with them.

Over the last decade, Solis has focused on low-emission transition for primary production systems within New Zealand and for food systems around the world.  He was awarded the Nuffield International Farming Scholarship, which enabled him to research on linking transition theory and reality using emerging discourse in Biophysical Economics and Energy Return On Investment (EROI). His research especially emphasises the importance of working with farmers and knowing how the wider primary sector operates on a day-to-day basis to create an environment that fosters a better future for children and to protect biodiversity.

Solis is a deer farming specialist with 25 years of local and international academic and industrial experiences.  He seeks to help lead NZ’s move to genuinely sustainable, vibrant and healthy food production systems by linking the transition to lower greenhouse gas emissions with the practical, ‘real-world.

Solis lives in Dunedin with his wife Emily and their one-year-old daughter. Olive.  He enjoys martial arts and is a keen hunter and gardener. He pursues a simple lifestyle and a healthy balance in all good things.