The University of Western Sydney (UWS) will be hosting a national Students for Sustainability (S4S) professional conference on the 15th and 16th September 2015. The conference theme “HOPE for the future” will explore the social and environmental impacts of our society and focus on empowering our youth with knowledge and skills to lead into an uncertain future. The S4S conference will provide students with the opportunities to network with like-minded peers and industry professionals, to professionally present and share their game changing solutions or stories of success, whilst advancing their own knowledge of current and emerging sustainability issues outside of their discipline areas. The conference streams will focus on food, ethics and environment with the underpinning notions of sustainability, design and innovation.¬†

S4S differs from other student-led conference as it is a professional styled, multi-disciplinary  conference for students, with the aim to provide and improve their communication and presentation skills in a professional and supportive environment. Presenting at S4S will assist with their speaking skills and confidence, whilst developing sustainability literate graduates. The conference will provide assistance, training and mentoring to presenting students through a series of free online webinars.Anyone can attend the S4S conference, however only presentations and poster presentations<http://www.uws.edu.au/s4s/students_for_sustainability_conference/present> are open to current undergraduate and honours students from any university degree, regionally and internationally. Student presentation and posters must showcase innovative, game changing ideas and solutions or stories of success within their institutions or community, addressing the solution to one or more of our conference streams. Students can present as individuals or in a small team. To present students must submit a short 500-1,000 word proposal before the 1st June 2015. All submissions will be judged by an independent UWS panel.

As additional support, current domestic undergraduate or honours students who are presenting (excludes poster presentation) have the opportunity to apply for financial conference assistance<http://www.uws.edu.au/s4s/students_for_sustainability_conference/assistance2> packages. This financial assistance will help cover domestic air fares and on campus accommodation, as well as the waiving of the full conference fee. UWS is sponsoring 10 x $500 conference assistant packages which students must apply before the 5th of June. All submissions are judged by an independent UWS panel.

To assist with the success of the S4S conference we ask that you please consider the information provided and send it to the relevant parties within your institution or organisation and encourage your students to get involved.

For more information on the conference please visit our website:  http://www.uws.edu.au/s4s/students_for_sustainability_conference



“I want to empower HOPE for my generation and students alike about the future concerns of a sustainable, just and ecologically resilient world. These issues are a growing concern for me and I want to start advocating innovative solutions against our futures greatest threats. I want all students to be leaders and be the voice of change. Join me at S4S to get your solutions heard and to take action!”

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