Key research and practice outputs from the conference include a:

a. full set of conference presentation recordings

b. full set of abstracts and a number of articles published in a leading rural journal (given conference’s location in Armdiale, New England) and

c. series of papers.

As detailed below, together these outputs represent a significant contribution to original knowledge, theory and practice in sustainable transformation of the human existence.

A. Conference Presentation Recordings – Full Set

Please follow this link to view the full set of week-long conference presentations from offical welcomes and Violin performance, key note speaches to concurrent and special sessions, cross-campus transformation workshop and close.

Copy the link to your bookmarks and watch or listen at your leisure  – these recordings represent a significant body of work on Thriving Through Transformations: (Ideas for) Local to Global Sustainability!

B. Published Abstracts & Articles

A set of articles and the full set of abstracts from the conference have been published in the International Journal of Rural Law and Policy. These articles been double-blind-peer reviewed.


An overview of thriving through transformation – Boyd Dirk Blackwell


Enduring community value from mining: Measuring the employment impacts of mine closure for remote communities and considering issues for transformation – Boyd Dirk Blackwell, Jim McFarlane, Andy Fischer

Sustainable remote Australian transport for living on country and going out bush – Bruno Spandonide

Ecological economics of North American integration: the reshaping of the economic landscape in the Santiago river basin – Salvador Peniche Camps

Australian local government sustainability and transformation: Structural reform and the fit for the future (F4F) reform initiative in New South Wales – forced council mergers – Ian Tiley


ANZSEE Biennial Conference Abstracts: Thriving through transformation: Local to global sustainability – Miriam Verbeek

C. Conference Papers

Conference Paper – New ideas for local to global sustainability – an introduction to ‘thriving through transformation’ – Boyd Blackwell

The following represent double-blind-peer reviewed papers from the conference:

Conference Paper – The Security of Water Resources – John Greenway

Conference Paper – Minimizing Social Externalities of Major Resource Projects: a Way Forward through Shared Value – Anna Phelan, Les Dawes, Robert Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski

Conference Paper – Functional remoteness in sparsely populated areas of Australia – Judith Lovell

Conference Paper – A Dynamic Evaluation of the Impacts of an Emissions Trading Scheme on the Australian Economy and Emissions Levels – Duy Nong, Sam Meng, Mahinda Siriwardana

Conference Paper – Ecological Economics and The Cosmic Bank – Joshua Nash