A copy of the webinar presentation can be accessed here Wasting wastewater March 2021

and the recording of the webinar is available (Passcode: y&&684DL) via https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/cQ8mCl_6C160qO5lsQxBKo7L0iMr-_6lplgWIPIXyGFgWLixJwwN-FGruBcW3QMg.h6VcgydGNd9f8IJ0

Abstract: Wastewater presents a unique opportunity in Australia for providing a alternative source of new water and reducing environmental and human health effects for recreational users. The Clean Ocean Foundation has been at the forefront of advocating for outfall upgrades across Australia’s coast for several decades. It has successfully leveraged Commonwealth government funding to support the ongoing measurement of wasted water and nutrients from all coastal outfalls across Australia through its national outfall database (NOD). John and Boyd will outline their vision for the future of wastewater in Australia drawing from their experiences with the NOD and the development of National Outfall Upgrade Standards and what benefits this will provide to Australia.